The Power and Responsibility of the Individual

Georgia has some of the worst ballot access laws in our nation. In many third world countries, it is far easier for an individual to get on the ballot than here in Georgia. At a time when most voters feel the Two Party system has failed us, we need more options to choose from on Election Day, not less. Candidates frequently sell out to the highest bidder or vote to protect party interests once in office with little concern for taxpayers. And entrenched party leaders often control many factors that indirectly determine who will appear on a ballot with an (R) or a (D) beside their name. Our electoral system in Georgia has been broken for many years and we must change that.

To qualify for the General Assembly in Georgia as a Republican or Democrat, all that’s required in most cases is a simple $400 fee. However, for libertarians or independents, candidates must undertake the Herculean task of requesting voter registration data and traveling door to door over a short period of time in order to obtain approximately 2,000 signatures from registered voters inside a select district. Those signatures must then be vetted by partisan election officials and approved or disqualified. All the while, the Republican and/or Democrat challengers have already been fundraising and campaigning without any added burdens of collecting signatures. The independent or Libertarian candidate hasn’t even been let out of the gate. It is a system set up from the beginning to disenfranchise those who don’t identify with the Two Party system. The notion that our diversity can, in practical terms, only be represented by just two individuals on a General Election ballot strikes at the foundation of freedom of choice that should be available to each and every one of us here in Georgia.

Under this current framework, holding candidates and public officials accountable is an impossible task. I encourage you to become engaged in the effort to change Georgia’s draconian ballot access laws. Visit my Go Fund Me page that I have set up in order to raise the crucial funds necessary to fix the extremely prejudicial ballot access laws here in Georgia. Donating even a small amount will allow you to stay informed with current developments as we move to advance change in this important area. Please visit and donate today! Thank you so much for all of your support!