Georgia for Fair Tax gives Amanda an “A” rating!

Amanda is so very proud to announce she received an “A” grade from the Georgia Fair Tax organization! And she’s the very first US Senate candidate to get the “A” ranking!

Indeed, Amanda’s first goal is to bring the federal government in alignment with its primary purpose of preserving and protecting individual rights and in doing so, believes we could operate the federal government without any federal income tax at all, thereby first calling for a repeal of the 16th Amendment.

However, as a former tax professional, Amanda has a firm grasp of the intricacies of our individual tax code and knows the Fair Tax would serve as a system immediately ready to be implemented until critical mass could be reached to repeal the 16th Amendment and end our current system of taxation.

With the support of respected economists and many years of research behind it, the Fair Tax allows us to keep our entire paycheck and decide if we want to buy new products which creates a taxable event or forego any tax at all by saving our money and buying used goods.

Taxation essentially becomes an individual action under the Fair Tax instead of a tool used by Congress to manipulate us into their desired social engineering.

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July 26th: Gave the DC Establishment the BANG BANG

Swafford for Senate hosted a FUN Raising Party on July 26th at the Georgia Gun Club and everyone had a great time! The Georgia Gun Club is a First Class, top of the line, BRAND NEW FACILITY located near the Braselton area and features an extraordinary indoor shooting environment for today's demanding sport enthusiast.

Volunteering at the Georgia for Fair Tax Booth, Cumming Fairgrounds

In July, while her opponents were only talking about bringing the Fair Tax to a vote in the Senate, Amanda went to work in Forsyth County, Georgia at the Cumming Fairgrounds to help the Georgia for Fair Tax organization enlist more supporters and create greater understanding of the Fair Tax. As both a long time grassroots volunteer for the Fair Tax and a former income tax preparer, Amanda clearly knows the advantages of moving away from a system that penalizes earnings based on productivity.

Georgia Carry HB 60 Celebration

On July 1st, Amanda joined supporters throughout Metro Atlanta at Adventures Outdoors in Smyrna to celebrate the hard fought victory led by the grassroots Second Amendment organization Georgia Carry. HB 60 clarified many conflicting provisions in Georgia's firearms statutes pertaining to where gun owners could lawfully carry firearms in Georgia. Amanda has strongly supported Second Amendment rights and spoke out on the day HB 60 was signed into law saying, "With the passage of HB 60, Georgia has become one of the best states in America for understanding the power and responsibility of lawful individuals pertaining to gun ownership instead of the power and responsibility of our government."

Fourth of July Parade in Cobb County

Amanda and supporters gathered with the Libertarian Party of Cobb County to participate in the annual Marietta Fourth of July parade and celebrate our nation's independence from oppressive government rulers. Over 40,000 spectators were witness to a patriotic float that proclaimed the virtues of smaller government not just some of the time but all of the time! One of the highlights of the float was a talking bird that reminded parade observers to "Ax the Braves Tax" in reference to the millions of new obligations being placed upon Cobb County as a result of the new Braves baseball stadium.

Memorial Day Parade

The Memorial Day parade in Dacula was an outstanding parade! Our entry was seen by well over 10,000 people and many thanks go out to campaign volunteers who arrived early to decorate our entry! Blessed are those who sacrifice today so we are free tomorrow!

Amanda Visits the Libertarian Affiliate in Dekalb County

Amanda shared her story and about her campaign and political career with the Libertarian affiliate in Dekalb County on May 20th, primary day. Everyone was thoroughly impressed with Amanda's knowledge, experience, and passion for liberty!

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